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Melissa [userpic]
by Melissa (___comingundone)
at May 10th, 2006 (06:24 pm)

I hope that this isn't intruding on a group that I don't belong to but I have a couple simple favors to ask of anyone that would be willing to help. My best friend is Greek and I'm attempting to make a scrapbook type thing for her. I am wanting to include some greek sayings in there but, being of absolutely NO Greek descent, need some help with that. Below are the phrases I would like to have translated. If it's possible to not only see how to write it in Greek but also some help on pronouncing would be wonderful as well. I thank you all in advance and apologize if this isn't appropriate.

1.) Best Friend

2.) Love

3.) Always

4.) Memories

5.) I Love You

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Posted by: ssurprize (ssurprize)
Posted at: August 20th, 2006 09:00 pm (UTC)

So, hmmm, let's see:

1.) Best Friend = Καλύτερος Φίλος (kal`iteros f`ilos) for a male or
Καλύτερη Φίλη (kal`iteri f`ili) for a female friend.

2.) Love = Αγάπη (Ag`api)

3.) Always = Πάντα (P`anta)

4.) Memories = Αναμνήσεις (anamn`isis)

5.) I Love You = Σε Aγαπώ (Se agap`o)

Wherever there's a "`" symbol before a vowel that's where the intonation goes.
Wherever I used:
"a", it is pronounced as in the word "back".
"i", it is pronounced as in the word "slim".
"e", it is pronounced as in the word "slept".
"o", it is pronounced as in the word "dot".

I hoped that helped :)

Posted by: Melissa (___comingundone)
Posted at: August 22nd, 2006 06:15 am (UTC)

it helped immensely! Thank you so much!

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